The person you think of as yourself

There are various versions of myself. I see myself in many different ways. I see myself as a happy, outgoing, laughable, unique kind of person. However, not all people see those characteristics within me. Everyone sees you as something different. There are so many ways that we are perceived from everyone. My dad sees me as an intelligent and organized person. He thinks of me that way because of my dedication and hard work. Although he thinks of me that way, not everyone does. Some people may see me as athletic, some as fun, it all just depends on what side of me they know.


Lots of Words by Alan Levine is shared under a Public Domain license.

First post

i am writing this blog for english class, not because i want to, but because i have to. hopefully once i get a hang of it and write for a while, i’ll start to enjoy it but right now i don’t. writing is not my thing but maybe that’ll change, we’ll see.